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Wireless power is a lifestyle technology

Like Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi™, it radically changes the way people are able to live their lives, offering new levels of mobility, convenience and safety. It has the ability to add value and create greater flexibility in the development and use of products across a wide range of power needs and industries. As such, it is imperative that a standard application of the technology be introduced to create the greatest opportunity for mass adoption and integration into consumers’ lifestyles. Whilst the long term goal for mass adoption is largely related to a Global Standardization and myriad of technology charging protocols have emerged, currently three standards listed below warrant explanation based on our current appraisal.These are subject to change as new specifications and certified products become available.

Qi takes its name from the traditional Chinese concept of intangible flow of power; the word literally means “vital energy”. Over 671 Devices have adopted the above charging standard and been certified accordingly by the WPC as being to be compliant and meet the Qi charging specification. This list is rapidly expanding on a Global scale and more information can be found on the WPC web page for approved devices and Manufactures


The Qi standard ensures seamless interoperability, regardless of manufacturer, brand or charging technique. That means you can charge whatever Qi device you use at any Qi charging location, in any Qi-compatible car, or with any Qi product.

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AirFuel Alliance ( AFA )

The AirFuel Alliance is a global, nonprofit consortium of industry leaders. The AFA has developed a flexible user experience through the development of new wireless charging standards. Its aspirations will enable more of the world’s mobile devices to synch up with a network of AirFuel destinations, for wireless power that’s available where we need it most: at home, work, on our commutes, and in other public venues.


Comprised of two of the most advanced wireless power technologies, inductive and resonant charging The AFA is making charging drop-and-go simple. From simultaneously powering multiple devices, to allowing nearly any enabled surface to charge a device.


The AirFuel Alliance has technologies that will open the door to a future of “smart charging zones” that will enhance the user experience along with venue analytics.

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