Intel Assaults The Wired Workplace With New Chip Technology

Two wires down, one to go. Intel came a step closer this week to offering technology that enables a wire-free workplace with the release of its 5th generation Intel Core vPro processors. The new processors allow PCs to wirelessly connect to displays and docking stations.


Intel says its Pro Wireless Display technology, dubbed Pro WiDi, offers a more secure version of existing WiDi technology. In PC World’s tongue in cheek translation, “WiDi actually works now.”


A more advanced implementation of Google’s Chromecast, WiDi projects everything rendered on a PC display, not just what is rendered in the browser. It’s based on the Miracast standard and does not require access to a Wi-Fi network.


Wireless docking is based on the WiGiG protocol, which allows data to move at speeds of up to 7 Gbps using the 60 Ghz spectrum. The technology relies on a point-to-point connection and 128-bit encryption.


With new devices based on the 5th generation Intel Core vPro processors, we aim to transform the user experience by helping them compute from virtually anywhere without the clutter and burden of wires,” Tom Garrison, Intel’s general manger of business client platforms, said in a statement.


Wireless charging is due to arrive in consumer devices early next year when PCs based on the Skylake platform become available, the wireless application will be based on the Rezence protocol.


Intel claims the new chips offer a significant performance boost–twice the battery life and more than twice the performance compared to a 2010 PC with Intel® Core™ i5-520UM.

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