How it works

How It works

Imagine sitting down for a cup of coffee, and placing your phone on the table. The phone lights up, and starts to automatically charge – without connectors or cables. You could simply grab your phone on your way out in the morning, and charge it wherever you needed to – at home, the office, the library, the local coffee shop. It would be even better if you didn’t ever need a charger. We could simply forget about USB cables, chargers and, when traveling, adapters. We wouldn’t have to worry about recycling old chargers, or labeling each different charger that goes with a different device.

What we do

We work in close partnership with our customers to turn leading edge wireless power technology into real world solutions to supply power to applications, which are difficult or challenging. In short, we are unplugging the power cable.


Who We Are

Our teams are some of the world’s leading wireless power experts in delivering customer applications. We are driven to provide power and data connections in an efficient and reliable manner covering all current protocol delivery for wireless power. The company is divided into two divisions, Venues & OEM’s


This is just the beginning

Wireless charging is already available for low-power applications (up to 5 Watts), suitable for mobile phones and other devices. However, medium- and high-power applications are also being developed, and in the future your kitchen appliances may very well be wireless.