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Device Implants:

Until now, patients with pacemaker implants have periodically had to go through the risks of further operations to remove and replace the unit’s empty battery. With WPT’s technology these procedures are no longer necessary. The risks of infection, as well as the pain and stress associated with repeated surgery, are all avoided. The power transmitter can be worn externally on the body. Without even picking up a scalpel, energy reaches the receiver (the pacemaker) by utilizing the magnetic field of the patient’s body.



Electronic thermometers, hearing aids, blood pressure monitors … household medical devices have to work properly when they’re needed. That’s why the best place to keep them is on an inductive charging dock from WPT. That way they’re always right there when you need them.


Intensive Care Treatment:

There are huge advantages to having equipment without cables and plugs on intensive care stations and in operating theatres. Inductive devices – which are completely sealed – can be sterilized more easily and thoroughly, thus helping in the elimination of pathogens. With inductive power supplies from WPT, energy is transmitted via proximity coupling technology.

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