The Wireless Power Technologies (WPT) story has developed from the background of two magnetic specialists who have worked with industry in designing and developing electromagnetic solutions. Removing the power cable, getting unplugged, getting rid of masses of cables under desks and in planes, trains, and cars has been the stuff of science fiction. But with WPT refining their passion and this dream is becoming a reality.


We can supply & install a network of wireless charging points that enables your venue to offer wireless power to charge your devices allowing your customers to relax at your venue without battery anxiety.


The wireless power transmitter network can be retrofitted to your venue without any modifications to your surfaces and provides a platform for real-time interaction with your customers via our network solution. Our platform delivers the opportunity to monetise dwell time allowing you to monitor and manage how often the charging is used.

Wireless charging & power in public venues: a restaurant.


Designed to be an embedded solution for transforming ordinary surfaces into wireless charging zones. Transmitters can be Integrated by manufactures is an effective way of allowing wireless power transmitters to be embedded into the furniture and the customer receives the finished product with the already built-in charging point.


Wireless power charges any mobile device that require 5 watts or less, Intelligent charging delivers the required amount of power by communicating to the device and stops charging when the device has completed its charging cycle.

Wireless power in the workplace.